Tattoo Artists, United To Create

Tattoos are an art form, a way to express ourselves, but they can also help us break out of the boxes we’ve been put in and erase the labels we’ve been given. Tattoos are (or should be) liberating, satisfying and a source of pride. We like to think of ourselves as a family, and as a client, you become part of it too. We get you.

Tattoo artists sure are a funny bunch. Elegantly slid in somewhere between the rebellious recluse and a bohemian villain. Wherever it is that you think you might fit in, we have an artist for you. For your viewing pleasure, below are listed some of our junior and senior tattoo artists, whose style in tattooing ranges from the popular illustrative line-work to the colourfully obscure. Enjoy!

Tattoo Artist Bio

This week we would like to tell you more about Owner and Senior tattoo artist: Meghan Ann.

“I’m good at what I do because I love what I do.”

I'm a dog person AND a cat person. The last time I cried was during Dr Seuss’ The Lorax, and before that The Lion King. I gets nervous when filling in deposit slips and I struggles to tell time. I knows the words to every Scissor Sisters song and I'm a collector of leggings. My best friend is my husband Louis. I hate getting tattooed, but loves having them and I'll probably never stop collecting my own.

P.S. Meghan has an ‘H’ in it and I'm pretty attached to it.

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