The Business Of Art

I find it strange how a brilliant artist can create a masterpiece out of a measly chunk of coal; shoved inside a lost little piece of driftwood, only to get his or her mom and a couple of friends to acknowledge the work and countless hours of sketching. It seems easier to get the approval of a thousand screen shaped faces for your picture of a half eaten gluten free salad or brown leather shoes. I wonder if the greats like Da Vinci or Chopin would be disheartened to create their masterpieces amongst all the worlds lust for the disintegrating eternity of feathers and Skrillex? I sincerely hope not.


In a world in where we have become carbon copies of one another, it is easy to fall pray to being in art for the sake of business… But to be in the business of art is hard and tedious but magnificent and rewarding. We love creating custom pieces of artwork and just like Da Vinci or Chopin, it is all done for the love of the art…We are after all True Blue